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Started in 1986, with an aim to provide premium furnishings to residential and commercial spaces, Skipper has come and grown a long way. In 2002, Skipper had 7 stores while currently, it is a pioneer in the world of furnishings with 30 retail stores across the country offering a wide and premium line of products and services.


Whether it is watching your favourite movie with the family or designing couches for your offices, premium Upholstery is essential for your spaces. As buying furniture is a one-time investment, upholstery is the key for you to keep redefining your spaces with newer designs and colours. Our selected collection has perfected the art of styling your sofas, armchairs and other furniture in appealing and long-lasting upholstery fabrics in a wide range of materials.

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Enhancing the beauty of your spaces while also maintaining your privacy and providing a shield between dust particles and you, Curtains are a necessary accessory while you design your homes and spaces. Adding a touch of colour, design and texture, these are the fixtures which make your home decor complete. With the most premium material and texture, our wide assortment of curtains and curtain fabrics define elegance and stylish look in every inch.

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Changing the entire visual appeal and appearance of your walls through designer coverings, this is exactly the touch of resurfacing your rooms require.

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Gone are the times when blinds were only used to keep you safe from harsh sunlight. With our premium collection, your window blinds will not just control

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The most essential accessory required in any bedroom is a perfect mattress according to your body requirements.

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Flooring is essentially the foundation at which you create your homes and spaces. While being the underfoot area it takes up the entire space and thus has a significant impact on the entire setting and theme of your area. Changing and experimenting with the look of the flooring can instantly make your spaces look larger, smaller warmer, more intimate and also more luxe.

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Created with the best materials drapery roads are mostly available in a number of finishes such as silver, bronze or nickel. They are different from curtain rods as they contain a decorative knob on both ends and hold the drapery to prevent the rings from falling off on any of the ends. More durable than curtain rods, they are equipped to hold heavier draperies with ease. With several designs available from simple to elegant ones, they can be ornamented in different shapes for the perfect look. From a modern look to a timeless one, accessorise your curtains in our premium quality designer drapery rods

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Available in decorative and long-lasting textiles, bed and bath linen in appealing and comfortable designs is the way to lead a relaxing daily routine. The linen is required to give your bodies the correct softness and comfort as they are in one to one touch with your skin. However, with a number of designs, textures and colours available, bold and printed linen in both bed and bath are now being selected according to taste and lifestyle.

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