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About Us


Building a niche since 1986, Skipper Furnishings has been a pioneer in building and furnishing homes. Creating new trends of home decor and redefining spaces aesthetically, Skipper has been a favourite for all home decor requirements. With an in-house team curating the best of decor solutions from quality materials, we provide premium furnishings for all homes, offices, restaurants, hotels etc.

Redefining the essence and modus of home décor for more than three decades, Skipper Furnishings has established itself as the biggest, most esteemed brand for home furnishings in India. Boasting of about 30 retail studios along with strong and celebrated partner labels, it is home to the latest home-décor trends, designed by its adept in-house team, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our product line ranges from Curtains, Upholstery, Wallpapers and Blinds, Mattresses to Bed and Bath linen among many other home furnishings solutions for styling your spaces to perfection. Providing our clientele with quality materials and excellent finishing, we have been synonymous with premium quality and elegance since our launch.

We understand that designing a home defines a family and lifestyle. Thus, every design and product of our creation is a result of sincerity and creativity. By providing the widest product basket at affordable prices for every theme and space we allow our clients to customise their home décor to aesthetically curate their homes in harmony with their taste.

Skipper Furnishings thus aims to get you your dream homes and spaces with modern styling solutions and creating a balance of functionality and beauty. With our in-house dedicated merchandising and designing team, we get you the best craftsmanship with attention to details. Providing an array of options to choose from along with customisations, every product is executed to perfection for 100% per cent customer satisfaction. Our first priority is always quality and we never compromise on it while getting you the best of designs, textures, colours and fabrics for your spaces while taking you on a journey from transforming your house to a home.

Our Founders

Kamlesh Agarwal, Chief Managing Director

Founded in 1986, Kamlesh Agarwal and his family started the legacy of becoming a one-stop destination of premium home furnishings owing to his deep interest and knack in the home furnishings sector. Over time with sheer dedication and hard work, Mr Agarwal’s vision culminated into Skipper Furnishings.

Building its niche one by one and setting up stores all around the country, Skipper today has 30 retail stores across India.

Speaking about the USP of the brand, he says, “We offer everything under furnishings with premium brands on board for a wide range of interior products, including curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, Venetian blinds, carpets, rugs, bed and bath linen, wallpapers etc.“

By setting up multiple stores across multiple cities increasing Skipper’s purchasing power along the way, he has brought the style of redesigning homes for the common man of the country. He sees Skipper Furnishings developing into a household name in the furnishings line along with providing premium quality products for all homes and commercial spaces.

Tanay Agarwal, Director Operations

Tanay Agarwal, is the managing director of Skipper Furnishings, one of the largest home furnishing retail brands in the country. Born to groundbreaking businessman Kamlesh Agarwal, the founder of Skipper, Tanay after completing his master’s degree in Innovation Management from Manchester Business School took over the management of Skipper and quadrupled the brand both in terms of reach and revenue.

He changed the outlook of Skipper from a retail outlet to a leading brand launching various in house brands like Home Studio, Palette, Fabric Engine, Zionee, Casa Flooring. He has revolutionized the way Indians perceive luxury. His efforts saw him garner several accolades such as ” The Greatest Retailer In The Home Furnishing Industry by Pwc ” in 2017.

Today Skipper boasts of more than 500 points of sales and 30 retail outlets. An in-depth sense of fashion, extraordinary vision and determination are qualities which exemplify both the brand of Skipper as well the management.

Shonak Agarwal, Director Sales

Shonak Agarwal, the Director of Skipper Furnishings, is an impassioned visionary and believes that “every design and product from skipper is a reflection of emotions for greater sincerity and creativity”. For him retail expansion strategy is about creating an engaging in-store experience through innovative visual merchandising and retail decor concept.

Providing tailor made and premium furnishing for all spaces since 3 decades