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Importance of Colour Scheme


Importance of Colour Scheme

Colour scheme is one of the main methods by which your interior designing speaks to people. A freshly painted room speaks a lot of volume about your choices and selections about your taste along with hiding all the structural imperfections in the rooms.

But as known that colours have different psychological effects on a mind and mood, colour schemes and interior design is also a very important factor as it reflects the entire vibe and feel of your room through those shades. You can go for warm colours, cool colours or neutral shades, but a perfect combination and balance enhances the look of your rooms while also keeping the mood light and happy.

Colour schemes have a great impact on the atmosphere of your spaces and that is the reason why one should be really sure when choosing a particular colour scheme. You should keep in mind that you should choose a colour or shade according to the feeling you want to give to your guests when they enter that particular room. For example, living rooms should have a warm and welcoming nature whereas your bedroom should give a relaxing vibe.

If we compare them, the lighter colours have an airy feel and the make the rooms feel brighter and larger whereas the darker colours have a more refined and warm feel to it while they create a cosy and intimate environment in the room.

The ways in which colour affects us are:

  • Creates an illusion of space or intimacy
  • Relaxes the atmosphere
  • Affects mood
  • Affects behaviour
  • Creates excitement or dullness

Some of the common colours chosen and their effect include:

  • Orange and yellow have an energetic, uplifting and welcoming feel to it and can be incorporated in the living areas
  • Blue gives a very calming and relaxing feel to the rooms and is mostly used in Bedrooms
  • Purple is a very royal, rich and sophisticated colour which is mostly used in the living rooms

  • Green is more of a fresh, calm relaxing colour which can be used in bedrooms and kitchen.
  • Some colour should be used in moderation and sometimes only to make a contrast such as black or red, a lot of these in a room may become very overdone and would over stimulate the atmosphere of the room.


So always think twice before you choose a colour scheme for your homes as it gives a fresh look to your walls but needs to be the correct shade and tone. Your walls can also be adorned with beautiful wallpapers and wall coverings, to create an accent wall among all the colours that you choose.

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