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Give your rooms a new look with Wallpapers


Give your rooms a new look with Wallpapers

Changing the look of a room sometimes seems like a really big task. Involving the changing of a lot of accessories or maybe repainting your voice. This is where you could try and experiment with wallpapers and allow them to give your rooms the ability to add texture and depth to your home aesthetic.

Available in bold prints and patterns or in different colours to suit your walls with ease, wallpapers are a game-changer when you want to reinvent your home style. It automatically gives your rooms a sense of style and a welcoming warm feel combining your taste and unique workmanship.

Wallpapers can be used in several ways to bring out the best in your spaces. You could try combining different styles of wallpapers in terms of colours or prints. An introduction of different geometrical shapes and prints may also allow an illusion of the space looking bigger. It also acts as a focal point in terms of an accent wall and takes your furnishings a notch higher.


Some ways in which wallpapers change your rooms completely are:

Introduces colour

Wallpapers introduce a pop of colour into neutrally painted walls. So even if you have was repainted a while ago and still want to change the look, wallpapers are the way to go. By adding different patterns, prints and textured wallpapers are a great way to introduce different colours and schemes into your home aesthetic. Whereas bigger rooms can handle bolder prints, smaller rooms should go for a more intricately printed wallpaper.



Creates an accent wall

Creating a style statement, wallpapers allow you to create an accent wall in your rooms. Accent walls are essentially the means of drawing the attention of your guests towards one particular wall. It should ideally highlight the focal point of your room for example in a bedroom it is the wall above your bed, and in the living room, it’s typically the wall above your couches. One could go all out while choosing an accent wall and introduce different colours and textures on it. It allows your rooms to come alive instantly and gives it the new and fresh feel that it deserves.

Adds texture

Creating different modern looks can be achieved by using wallpapers of different textures. Once you introduce a number of textures and patterns in your rooms through wallpapers, your rooms turn more visually appealing in no time. The illusion of a different type of wall is also created with different textures such as stone or brick etc. as examples of rough textures while smooth texture such as solid paint smears or an amalgamation of different prints.

Thus, wallpapers can change the ambience of every room in your homes following a similar aesthetic but still giving a different unique personality to each space. While your offices can be of a more formal set up, your living rooms and bedrooms may have a breath of fresh air in your decorated homes. So what are you waiting for? Create the perfect look for your rooms today with a wide range of Skipper Furnishings Wallpapers. Discover our curated collection today and get the best of wallpapers for every room and space. 

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